NEMO On Belmopan Floods

Yesterday we told you about the incessant rains that flooded many homes in the outlying communities in Belmopan. One family in particular that we visited found themselves knee deep in about 2 to 3 feet of water. Today we sat down with the NEMO District Coordinator for Belmopan Clare Moody who spoke to us about the initiatives they head and the struggles they go through during these times of crisis.vlcsnap-9630-06-01-03h39m51s305


Clare Moody, NEMO Coordinator Blmp: I visited the entire area yesterday from everywhere because it was a funny rain that came down and brought a sudden water, overflowed the creeks, and then looking at the creek being overflowed and the yards already filled with water it actually looked like a disaster yesterday but I walked from house to house, and I explained to the people that the shelter was open and we are willing to assist them as soon as they get into the shelter until the water subsides.   

According to NEMO District Coordinator Clare Moody, there is a certain level of unwillingness on the part of the people affected by the flood to leave their homes and belongings even during dire situations. In the end,  only one family ended up using the sheltering facilities made available through NEMO. During heavy rainfall in the Maya Mopan community, other outlying communities of Belmopan are severely affected by flooding. In yesterday’s newscast we told you about what the City Council is doing in an attempt to create a long term fix to the problem. Moody told us what they are doing in the offices of NEMO as it relates to a long term solution.

vlcsnap-8624-11-09-03h27m20s816Clare Moody, NEMO Coordinator Blmp: Wednesday, I had a meeting with the BEMO Committee, and those were some of the topics
that we are trying to deal with. We are trying to deal with that topic in order to secure them for another time. At this point in time, there is very little we can do but we are trying hard to make decisions in many different ways through the government, through the City Council and through ourselves to be able to assist people in such a way that they will not be into this crisis another time. It’s somewhat a little bit difficult but we’re going to fight and we’re going to do it.

Emmanuel Pech, Reporter: What are some of the things that were discussed in this meeting?vlcsnap-0883-03-17-22h37m55s007

Clare Moody, NEMO Coordinator Blmp: Well one of the things are that, I’m very sure of one, that apparently his house is into a basin, and so he’ll never survive that so we’re planning to meet with the president of DFC I believe, or whosoever it is that controls that area which I think it’s DFC, to see if they could relocate him and give him a different lot and don’t give anybody that lot that he has been relocated from, that’s one of the things we’re going to do. And then a second thing that we we’re planning was to see how, in what way, we can decide to find a way out of buying a bulk of house necessities like flooring, sidings and so on, and help some of them by selling it to them at a cost price because by buying it in a bulk it will be possible for us to be able to sell it to them at a cheaper rate.


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