Hurricane Season 2018 officially begins tomorrowIn preparation for this year’s season, the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) has been holding a number of planning meetings in preparation for the 2018 Hurricane Season. These meetings included a Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis, National Human Resources Committee meeting, a meeting to review the roles and improve the efficiency of public officers, a National Emergency Operations Center training and a meeting with NEMO international partners. The meetings focused on how Belize would be assisted in the aftermath of an impact from a major disaster such as a category 5 hurricane. Yesterday, there was a Fuel Managers’ meeting to plan the most efficient way to provide fuel via the gas stations to the general public, especially in coastal areas,  as well as to public transport, government vehicles, water taxis and private vessels. NEMO says it is advising all Belizeans to ensure that their emergency, family, business and ministry plan is up to date

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