New Attorney General sworn in

Hon. Michael Peyrefitte was this morning sworn-in as Attorney General before the Governor General of Belize, H.E. Sir Colville Young at the Belize House in Belmopan.  Hon. Peyrefitte takes on his new role after serving in the capacity of Speaker of the House of Representatives since his election in 2012.

Hon. Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney General;

I Michael Peyrefitte do swear that I will be a true faith and allegiance to Belize and will uphold the constitution and the law, and that I will conscientiously, impartially and to the best of my abilities discharge my duties as Attorney General and do right to all manner of people without fear or favor, affection or ill will. So, help me God.  

Hon. Michael Peyreffitte now succeeds Senator Hon. Vanessa Retreage who demitted office in December 2016 after serving as Attorney General for one year.  Mrs. Laura Longsworth has been nominated to replace Hon. Peyrefitte as Speaker of the House.

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