New Belize City Council Sworn In

Yesterday, Belize City’s 23rd municipal council since its incorporation as a city in 1943 formally took office at City Hall on North Front Street. From start to finish the ceremony took about 40 minutes – a briskly efficient pace for a council that has a high mark to live up to. Joining re-elected Mayor Darrel Bradley and eight returning councillors are a former Councillor serving a second term and a complete newcomer, Jason Edwards. In order of appearance to take the oath of office, the new Council includes Hyacinth Latchman Cuellar, Jason Edwards, Alifa Elrington, Alain Gonzalez, Dion Leslie, Dean Samuels, Michael Theus, Kevin Singh, Philip Willoughby and Mayor Bradley. In his keynote address the Mayor spoke of his wish for all residents to come together to help build Belize City.

DARRELL BRADLEY  Mayor of Belize City

“It will be remiss of me to say  that the city council over the last three years have done this by themselves.  I have been, in some cases, embarrassed because people have said’ Mayor you’re doing a good job.’ That good work that we have done over the last three years have not been my work, its our work.  It’s the work of 10 men and women,  it is the work of the mayor,  it is the work of our now 400 staff,  it is the work of all 67,000 people who live in our city, it is the work of the people in our religious community,   our business community,  people in our NGO community and our  average citizens who make our city work. I have often said that the city is not the streets or the buildings, the city is the people. And if we want the transformation of Belize City to continue- if we want the work of our city to grow and thrive, it will be on each and every one of us to bring to that endeavour , our A game to ensure that the work continues and that we build a city second to none.vlcsnap-2015-03-12-13h13m16s154

 Bradley also saluted his opponents and said that whereas the legacy of his first administration was improved infrastructure, the second will be all about community development.

DARRELL BRADLEY  Mayor of Belize City

” The solution that will come to our city is never ever physical.  Any development and any transformation can never be based on spending money or building anything.  It has to do with building on the inside.  It has to do with the sense of community and the way we live together as human beings and how we interact. And that work, that great work of how we build a city that is a true community- that is a true family, that is the greatest aspiration of any  of our citizens. So going forward in the next three years, you will see the councillors and myself, articulating a vision of Belize City that has to do with engaging people in new and deeper and more profound ways that have never been done. Building an agenda that has engagement as its top priority  that emphasises people power and the magic that comes when men and women work together for the greatest goal, that of advancing the lives of every single person in our community.  “

The new council, like the other eight municipalities, serves a three year term.

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