New booths in Belize City Precinct One will enhance response time

On Friday you heard from Officer Commanding Precinct One in Belize City, Superintendent Alden Dawson. Supt. Dawson praised the community initiative that has flowed from his many interactions since February 27 when he took office but admits there is more to be done. One of those plans is expansion to the northern section of the precinct as he explains to PLUS News.

Supt Alden Dawson – Officer Commanding Precinct One:
vlcsnap-2013-04-15-20h52m53s133We’ll resuming the booths. Sometime today I am supposed to meet with a business person, who has [sponsored] a booth for years to assist us. We’ll be putting one in the Conch Shell Bay area.  With the new officers on board, we’ll be able to maintain those booths 24 hours. Even when the officer is not sitting in the booth, they are nearby.  
This will be a long term.  It’s sustained with a foot, bicycle, motorcycle and vehicle patrol.  It will get even better or easier when all of the community continue to support us.

These booths are expected to greatly help with cutting down response time to major incidents.

Supt Alden Dawson – Officer Commanding Precinct One:
vlcsnap-2013-04-16-08h30m19s46Additionally there’s to be a booth in the Kings Street / George Street area, and there’s several people who really appreciate the presence of the Police. With the precinct coming on board, it makes the response so quick.  If you should call for the assistance of the Police in any precinct, it shouldn’t take more that three minutes, even in a very busy day, for you to get some response, because we have people on motorcycle, we have vehicles, and we have bicycles and foot patrol there. So it shouldn’t take more then three minutes. If it takes more than three minutes, it’s not working. But we have not had any complaints since, about late response, from anybody. And if anybody out there finds themselves getting late response, rather than three minutes max, you have my number.

That number is 610-2756 and the precinct number is 207-0401. Please be advised that the precinct number should be called directly as calling 911 causes unneeded delay.

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