New Bridge planned for twin towns

While on the subject of infrastructure works in the country, Hon. Rene Montero expounded on some of the street works ongoing in his municipality, and highlighted the construction of a new bridge that will be connecting the Twin Towns of San Ignacio/Santa Elena.

vlcsnap-2014-08-26-08h53m29s229Rene Montero – Minister of Works and Transport

“In Cayo Central we have been starting now to do concreting of the streets, because we feel that in terms of the life of the streets will be longer, and it will offer an aesthetic value to the towns. We have the Bishop Martin Street that is ongoing right now. We are concreting that street for a value of half a million dollars.

Also, we have in the pipe line the Requena Street in Santa Elena, and we have a number of streets that we are going to concrete in Santa Elena, to transform Santa Elena into a town that is the envy of all.

We also have starting the bridge that will connect the twin towns through the Loma Luz Boulevard, that is being done through funding by the CDB and the contractor is CISCO.”

Chief Engineer Lenox Bradley says the new bridge for San Ignacio Santa Elena will be the longest bridge in the country.

vlcsnap-2014-08-26-09h19m51s166Lennox Bradley – Chief Engineer, Ministry of Works and Transport

“The San Ignacio By-pass is a program that is funded by the CDB, the Caribbean Development Bank.  Two of the last are substantially completed.  That’s the Loma Luz Boulevard, and the Joseph Andrews Drive.  Now we are doing the lot that deals with the approaches, the by-pass through the orchards, and the final lot will be the actual construction of the bridge.  We feel that that might get underway by the latter part of October [or] early November.

That’s the prognosis right now.  We hope that it carries through.

It will be the longest bridge in Belize.  I think it’s about 500 feet.”

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