New Director for SATIIM

vlcsnap-2014-08-27-06h19m42s97The Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indegenous Management (SATIIM), in a press conference on Tuesday, made a very important announcement ; the organisation is under new leadership. Greg Choc is stepping down as leader and Ms. Froila Tzalam is the new Executive Director of SATIIM .

Greg Choc stated that his reasons for leaving SATIIM is for him to pursue a degree in law studies which, according to Mr Choc, will further help the communities in fighting for the Maya communities. The new director of  the organization says that the work will continue  under her leadership .


Ms. Froila, who was the former director of Tumulkin center of learning, was  selected by the board of directors of SATIIM. According to Ms. Froila she is challenging herself to work and represent the claimant communities interest and she pledged to keep working with community leaders in making their collective voice heard at every point to ensure that their rights over their land  is respected by all. She also added that they are filing a new case  against GOB to respect the judgment of the supreme court.

At the conference, Ms Floya was asked about SATIIM’s response to DAVCO’s consultations and claims that most of the villages in the area are for oil exploration in Toledo.  She responded by saying that “DAVCO in no way affects the claimant communities, and that in fact DAVCO is not providing an accountable way of how they will be representing the people’s interest going around in the Maya communities without recognizing Maya land rights.”  As for the outgoing director, he says he will continue to serve as adviser from his location of studies.

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