New Evidence in Ahmad-Brown Case

Yesterday we shared with you a short clip of the interview with Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Wilfred Elrington and Muslim activist Nuri Mohamed following a meeting with Fahreed Ahmad’s family, the minister, police, and members of the Muslim community. Today, we will share other portions of that interview. As you may know, Fahreed Ahmad was shot and killed a little over two weeks ago when Fareed was in his car. The alleged shooter is WCP Michelle Brown, a member of the Special Assignment Team; a unit that Fahreed had made an official complaint against just one day before he was shot to the head. Since the incident, there have been questions and theories circulating around the murder. Although not confirmed as legitimate, there have even been leaked text messages that talk about a hit list with certain members of the Ahmad family included. Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. Wilfred Elrington spoke about the text messages at yesterday’s press conference.

Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. Wilfred Elrington

We’re saying that all those reputed text messages, those are being formally requested from BTL. Apparently they have them. They will be able to find them if they exist to know the authenticity and as soon as they have that information it’s going to be made public.

The press conference is the third press briefing that the Ahmad family has called, as they have been complaining of harassment by police officers of the Special assignment Team, of which the accused shooter of Fahreed is a member. At the press conference, the main topic of discussion was the investigation into the murder of Fareed Ahmad, and all the very unusual elements which has convinced the family that a wider conspiracy is at play. After the press conference, Home Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington told the press that Assistant Police Commissioner Chester Williams revealed in the meeting that there is new evidence; a video. The video is said to be the night before Ahmad’s murder, and shows him picking up WCP Michelle Brown in his SUV before driving off. Here is Minister Elrington on the conversation between Williams and the Ahmad Family.

Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. Wilfred Elrington

What was very fortunate is that we had present among us assistant commissioner of police, Chester Williams who is an Attorney at Law as well as a really seasoned police officer, whose really responsibility is his to make sure that the police behave properly. That is his real remit. But for some reason or the other he really went heads and shoulders into the investigating of this incident and he was able to relate to the members of the family what his discoveries were. He essentially said he is very satisfied that there is no evidence of state involvement in the death. He went on to say, I did not know that, that it was in fact the deceased who picked up the police corporal or the police woman and that there is in fact a video of them being together for some time. He suggested to me that there was no indication during that course of time that any other person from any branch of the police force was anywhere near-by. He was satisfied that based on evidence, there is no indication that the state had anything to do with the death or that the police had anything to do with the death. He also made it very clear to the family and to everybody that in fact police have requested of the BTL all the phone records, both from the deceased as well as from the woman police officer, and he’s left a very clear impression that no stone is being left unturned to find out what the situation is. 

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