New Favored Position in Ministry of Health Causes Problems

Ministry of Health of BelizeThere was no announcement from the Ministry of Health but PlusNews has been reliably informed that Belize now has a Director of Drug Inspectorate in the Ministry of Health. It is a new, but controversial post.

The new post and the official to fill the post appeared only over the last 24 hours; to the amazement of the Ministry of Health staff and very senior officials.  PlusNews understands that complaints have already been generated both to the Ministry of Public Service and to the Public Service Union.

Civil-servants-building-BelmopanThe complaints reaching us are numerous; that a pre-existing post for Drug Inspector requires 5 years of experience in Pharmacy beside qualifications, yet the new director, which is a higher position, has no experience in the field, we were told.

PlusNews also understands that the Director has not yet sat the required qualifying  examination but must oversee Pharmacists across the country.

We also understand that the new director will enjoy a pay scale that is two levels higher than the current Chief Pharmacist who has been in the post since the late 1990’s and oversees the country’s medical supplies both in the public and private sector.

PLusNews understands that the post is outside of the domain of the Public Service and has been created through the NHI.  We understand that the new director, is the daughter of a Minister of Government.

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