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Lyndon Bailey has been much in the news this week as one-half of the contracting duo behind the abandoned Dangriga Town market project. But he is also proprietor of the Tubal Trade School and on Thursday we met him doing a good deed for a Ladyville woman that needs it. He tells us more.

Mr. Lyndon Bailey

vlcsnap-2013-09-27-08h16m07s240“Yes, we are handing this first house that the Students from TUBAL built and it’s a new program that we are starting with the students hands on building houses.   Here in Ladyville, we have about twenty of these houses to build or more within the next year or year and a half.   This is a very good program.   We look in the village for the less fortunate families and we take it to a board and then we vote and then we give them a house”.


Lyndon Bailey says the house is ready for the family to move into, as well as plans to build even more houses.

Mr. Lyndon Bailey

“If you can see where this family is living, it’s terrible!   They needed some help, so, we first came out here and we built this house for them.   The house is ready to move in and live in.  E have bath, a toilet, a kitchen zinc, alittle locker, so the house.  So, the house is ready for the family to move in.   But today, we’re going to bless it and then we want to hand it over to the family.   An house like this costs $15,000.   We have seven more with International Partners who is going to donate monies.   It’s a combination of Churches from the U.S. CUMS and Tubal joining together to get these houses built.”

Barbara Miller, the recipient of the structure, must repay 15% of the cost of the house, which is $15,000. This applies as well to future recipients who must also show lease or title to their land.

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