New OC, New Generator, a New Start at San Ignacio Police Station

The San Ignacio Police Station is getting a fresh new start, with a newly donated generator and a new Commanding officer in the face of Superintendent Ramirez. At a  handing over ceremony on Monday July 20th the newly instated Commanding Officer, on his first day in office, received, on behalf of the San Ignacio Police department, a fully operating generator donated by the People’s Coalition of Cayo (PCC). Julian Sherrard, former chairman of the PCC, gave us more details.


“Julian, what does it mean to the PCC to be able to reach this milestone where you are handing over this generator to the police department?”

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“It feels fantastic. You know we worked for years and years with the U.S Embassy, with Mr. Barry Cabperson, Ambassadors that we had prior to   to the one now and also with the one we have now, with Mr. Gibson who has now taken Barry Cabpersons place. It’s a dream come true.  We have tried for years to get some sort of  backup generator… you know when the rear case of hurricanes or some kind of emergency, the power goes down…. of course that’s when you need it the most. So, having this machine here and it is a good quality… it is a used machine but it has very few hours on it. With this in place, it will help a lot to keep the police functioning especially in the times of natural disaster.”


The new Commanding officer for the San Ignacio Police station, was previously assigned to the corozal formation. At the handing over ceremony on Monday Superintendent Ramirez told us what will be his first order of business as the new commanding officer for the San Igancio formation.

Supt. Andrew Ramirez– O.C San Ignacio Policevlcsnap-2015-07-23-10h06m10s221

“Through the handing over, I will be meeting with key individuals, exchanging contact information; e-mails and cell phone, and I will also invite the media to be a part of this information sharing. As soon as I am settled down, I will invite each and every individual who has a meaningful idea of San Ignacio/ Santa Elena, especially in the Cayo District to be free from crime. I do not compete myself with any person. I have my own way with working and I am scheduling a general meeting with the rank and file. Most people are anxious to see what direction ,my direction is just working along with the community. If there is one or two bad apples, as they normally would say, if these individuals want to work with me, they have to remove themselves from being that bad apple or that aspersion that they call police who have no concern about their regular behaviour. I have to also admit the fact that in the country of Belize, there is no police department worldwide that is spec free. There has to be a bad apple amongst (us) because the police is a reflection of the community.”

Superintendent Ramirez says that under his leadership the San Ignacio Police Station will be a adopting an open door policy to any and everyone that wishes to speak to the commander.

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