Last year’s Queen of the Bay event was nothing short of drama, disputes and public humiliations. During the fiasco, past Chair of the Queen of the Bay Committee was publicly dismissed from her post for crowning her own Queen of the Bay. Needless to say, the entire fiasco gave the seven decade old pageant a black eye. But this year, things are expected to be different with the pageant now under new leadership. The pageant committee will now be made up of past queens with knowledgeable and experience on how the pageant runs. These past queens are going to act as trustees of the Queen of the Bay Pageant. Yesterday, they were introduced by the Co-Chair of the National Celebrations Commission, Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber, at a press conference. Here is what Faber had to say about this year’s pageant. 

Hon. Patrick Faber, Minister of Education: Our intention is to ensure that our pageant is never ever again ran away with, and that’s really what happened last year. It was an approach made by the former queens to us saying that they are very concerned about what has happened. Of course the prestige of the pageant is something that they treasure and they value, this is something that they have been a part of for many years, and so they approached us to say please, entrust us to do this; there is nobody more fitting to do this work, so we accepted that to be the case. While we insist that it be a pageant because of patriotic and civic value to us that it belong to the people of Belize that there is no other entity fitting to manage it than the association of former queens.

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