New Rosewood amnesty

There is a new amnesty period for Rosewood harvesters, more than one year after a moratorium had been declared on the almost depleted specie. It is very interesting timing considering that PlusTV reported yesterday on the vlcsnap-2013-04-09-20h20m22s203movement of confiscated flitches from the Belmopan Forestry Department compound.   PlusTV received information from credible sources within the Forestry department  late yesterday afternoon that the confiscated rosewood flitches which were located at the Forestry compound in Belmopan, were being moved.  The Minister responsible for the forestry department, Lisell Amaliila, and the chief forest officer are currently out of the country.   When we got to the Belmopan Forestry copound , the rosewood was in fact  in the process of being loaded into contracted Orange Walk licensed trucks. We contacted Marcello Windsor, who is currently in charge while his superiors are out but he refused to comment on what was going on. He instead vlcsnap-2013-04-09-20h22m56s243directed us to CEO Parham.  But when we went to Parham, we were told he was unavailable as he was in meetings. Parham was still unavailable today despite our numerous attempts. However, we did get a copy of a press release this afternoon which says… ”The Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development hereby advises the general public that it is instituting an amnesty period on harvested rosewood. The purpose of the amnesty is to allow all those persons in possession of rosewood material prior to March 14, 2013 to declare it to the Forest Department.“ This amnesty period started yesterday, when we saw the contracted Orange Walk trucks being loaded, and will run until April 26th according to the release. The release also says that this amnesty period is ”essential to ensure that the Forest department accounts for all the rosewood material harvested prior to March 14, 2013.” The release ends by saying that the Forest Department will carry out all its necessary procedures and measurements during this amnesty period and will allow the eventual sale of the rosewood to the local or export market.

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