New Solicitor General takes office this week

Reports reaching PLUS News are that Government has identified a new Solicitor General who will take office this week. Anita Johnson of Barbados is expected to arrive in Belize on Tuesday, and may take office as early as Friday, but official information is expected to be released later this week. Acting Solicitor General Nigel Hawke goes back to his substantive post of Deputy Solicitor General. It has been a revolving door in recent years as no less than four Solicitors General have resigned under the Dean Barrow administration. The first, Tanya Longsworth Herwanger, lasted less than a year, resigning in 2009 after conflict with the Government over her legal advice on the transfer of then Senior Superintendent of Police Chester Williams, who is now himself training in law. Oscar Ramjeet of Guyana took over from 2009 to 2011, Jamaican-Belizean Cheryl Krusen from 2011- early 2013, and Michelle Daly most recently acted in the post until her departure last November.

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