New tourist video of murder at Caracol surfaces on the internet

The murder of Danny Conorquie, a Special constable attached to the Tourism Police, who was shot to the head while he was stationed at the Caracol Mayan Site, has caused national outcry. The Hispanic men who made their way on the National Archaelogical site, are believed to be Guatemalan men who retaliated because their horses were confiscated while they were found poaching in Belize’s Forests. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, however, has stated that there is absolutely no proof that the killers were in fact Guatemalans and therefore there is no basis to approach Guatemala about this murder.

Belizeans are upset about that statement and there was a protest On Tuesday that we will tell you about a bit later on.

vlcsnap-2014-10-01-05h53m47s117But first, going viral, is a video posted by tourists who were actually at the Caracol site when the murder happened.

While most of the police officers, forest officers, BDF , and tour guides who had spoken on the issue initially had stated that the men were Guatemalans, as heard on the video,  at least one of those officers was seemingly pressured to retract his statement to line up with the position of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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