New Town Clock for San Ignacio

On Friday evening, the San Ignacio town clock was inaugurated. The addition to down town San Ignacio is courtesy Bowen and Bowen. Mayor Trapp told us more.

Mayor Earl Trapp, San Ignacio Mayor

This town clock is something I have long dreamed about. And I always say that when you see projects completed in the municipality, its not always our ideas.  Its the ideas that are being shared by the community. The community comes with ideas we put it on the table  and then we prioritize and see which ones can best suit our community. This is used as an advertising piece and it can change according to how you program it. That is what will pay back for the project

The Mayor appeals to residents to care for these types of additions to the town. He says that another town clock can be expected to be set up at the Santa Elena roundabout very soon.

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