New Year’s Resolutions and Greetings

vlcsnap-2013-12-31-17h25m35s102A new year is upon us. In a matter of hours, 2013 will  be but a thing of the past and that means those new year resolutions are all set to put into practice.  But if you’re still pondering on what changes you’d like to see this coming year, perhaps the next story may inspire you.  It’s about a woman who has made the decision to deepen her walk with Christ in 2014.  Last week, her one significant step in this journey was to be baptized.

vlcsnap-2013-12-31-17h17m08s134Honorio Tun- Evangelist

“The purpose that we are here is to accomplish what the Scriptures to all nations, make disciples and baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.  So, one of the sisters gave her life to the Lord and she felt that this day she wanted to be baptized to accomplish what the Lord has ordered to do according to the Scriptures”.

The time for change is now, says Evangelist Tun.

vlcsnap-2013-12-31-17h15m29s86open Bble 0Evangelist Honorio Tun: “I would encourage the whole world that it’s time to give our lives to the Lord, especially that we are living in a time of corruption.  It is the only way to be baptized according to the Scriptures because that’s what the Lord is asking us to do,  being baptized is to be a new creature.  That’s what the Bible says that when a person gives his life to the Lord and is baptized, he is living a new life in Jesus Christ.  There is no special day.  Any time you feel in your heart that you give your heart to the Lord and you feel that you want to be baptized, then, that’s the time”.

Also in keeping with the new year’s theme, this morning, our cameras hit the streets to get a feel of the new year eve’s vibes, where persons extended greetings to loved ones and the country:




Male employee of New Technology Wireless:  “I just want wish everybody  a merry Christmas and a happy new year”.




Female employee of New Technology Wireless:  “Happy new year from New Technology Wireless.  I hope this year to bring a lot of blessings for everybody”.




Hindu Businessman:  “Happy new year to all my Belizean friends and…don’t drink and drive!  have good luck and I wish that everybody enjoys the new year”



Mrs. Arthurs:  “I want to extend a happy new year to my whole Arthurs family, the children that are here and abroad.  May God bless you throughout this coming year.   I wish the best for our country and four the people.  Amen”.

Ms. vlcsnap-2013-12-31-17h44m47s100Olivia: “Happy new year to all of my family”.







Julissa Hernadez:  “Happy new year to my friends, to my family, whole of my school, my teachers that have been teaching me”.




Latin Young Lady:  “Feliz Anio Nuevo y que todos la pasemos contentos con mucha salud y amor”.




Salvadoran Market Vendor:  “Feliz Anio Nuevo a todos mis clientes, toda mi familia y a todos mis amigos; que la pasen muy bien en este anio y les deseo prosperidad”.




Ms. Graciela of Local Market:  “Les deseamos  feliz anio nuevo a todos”.





Senior passer by:  “Quiero que toda la gente de Belice goce de un  feliz anio nuevo y que lo mas importante es que busquen de Dios.  Sin Dios no hay ninguna paz; sin Dios nadie puede ser feliz”.




Young Lad at Market Square:    “Feliz anio nuevo con fresa!”


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