NICH Responds to FECTAB Allegations

The National Institute of Culture and History issued a statement in response to FECTAB’s press conference which was held last week.

The release says that NICH is  “appalled by the blatantly defamatory accusations made against our Institution last Friday by members of FECTAB at a press conference. NICH denies categorically the accusation that it has entered into a 75 years agreement with Darknight Cave Tubing Adventures Ltd for the management or operation of some caves.”

NICH says the agreement with the Company for Cave Tubing was signed on the 5th September 2014, for a three year period, and the entrance fee for visitors to the locale is $10.00 per person. This is the same as charged at Nohoch Che’en.

NICH says it had invited FECTAB a week ago to a meeting on Monday, 10th November 2014, to listen to their concerns. FECTAB agreed tentatively to the meeting in an email, but did not confirm their attendance, and instead held a press conference.

As for FECTAB’s concerns about the new regulations, NICH says “These health and safety standards were incorporated into the Health and Safety Standard Act after an extensive consultation process beginning a year earlier in 2013.

Discussions and subsequent notices concerning proper equipment for use in caves and adherence to regulations have been going on for more than three years, and are now being enforced with the passage of the Act.”

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