Nicole C. Mullen Concert in Belmopan

Award winning gospel artist Nicole C. Mullen is back in Belize, and if you haven’t heard yet, she will perform at the Governor General’s field of Belmopan tomorrow, Saturday May 31st where she will grace the stage.

vlcsnap-2014-05-30-19h20m26s193Accompanied with her band, the author of the world famous song,  “My Redeemer Lives”, stopped by our studio this morning where she talked to us about the upcoming event.

Reporter Emanuel Pech: “What can people be expecting for tomorrow?

Nicole C. Mullen:  “Okay, tomorrow there will be a lot of excitement, energy, you will see a lot of dancing, you will see a lot of singing.  In descriptive, you will see kids everywhere, a band we are using.  We have people from my band in the States, but we are also using a lot of members from Belize to actually play with me.  So, you will have a chance for your and ours put together.  When we come here from the States, we are not the body of Christ; together we are part of the body of Christ; Belizeans together.  We have different facets, but we are one body.  So, we are left to work with the body of Christ, not just to do a concert for Belize, but with Belize”.

Organizers are asking for a  $10 donation however the entrance is free so that donation request shouldn’t stop you from attending.  All proceeds will go to the Baby Girls’ Club Ministry in Belize.

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