Nicole C. Mullen here to launch programme for youth

Viewers inclined to Christian gospel music may know of Nicole C. Mullen, an award-winning songstress best known for her cover of “My Redeemer Lives.” Well she is in Belize – not only to sing, but also to give back. We caught up with her in the City today where she told us about her after-school program with at risk youth which she plans to expand here.

Nicole C. Mullen – Gospel Singer/Activist:
vlcsnap-2013-04-04-08h28m31s221We do after school programs back in Nashville, Tennessee or Franklin, Tennessee, and we are making disciples. This is what we do with young kids and so we are expanding here to Belize. We’re bringing what Jesus has given us. We’re joining hands with other Saints that are already doing is as well, after-school programs to girls and young guys, mainly girls is what we do.  
First of all, we do believe in Jesus Christ and we believe that if you’re going to have lasting change, that is only found in Jesus and so unashamedly yes. But, on top of that it didn’t just stop with the spirit; it has to in fact the soul and the body. We’re also concerned about their education, their well-being, their dreams, and their hopes, what they actually do with their body so that’s a part of it too. But we do know that the foundation is found in Jesus Christ.  Not only are we trying to bring them up, not just socially, but we’re trying to bring them up Spiritually as well.

As for her singing, Nicole says that it comes from her upbringing and close relationship with her Saviour.

Nicole C. Mullen – Gospel Singer/Activist:
I grew up in the church, but really at the are of eight is when I actually gave my heart to Christ. I started singing since I was two years old.  MY family sang, and at the age of twelve I wrote my first song, and then singing those songs ever since. It’s what I do.  God has called me to travel all over the world.  I’ve sung in front of two people, and I’ve sung in front of a hundred thousand at a time, from one spectrum to the other. It’s not just because I’m qualified to do it, but because God has actually qualified me to do it. I enjoy it, and I enjoy getting a chance to meet people and encouraging them.

The program will be launched in Belmopan on Friday.

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