Nigerian taxi man attacked by minor

vlcsnap-2013-08-23-07h19m46s245A Nigerian taxi man working in Dangriga is lucky to be alive. Sometime Thursday afternoon, around 4 pm, the taxi man was transporting a young man in that municipality. Upon arrival at the destination, an altercation occurred between the driver and passenger. It is unclear at this time if the passenger was arguing his cab fee and did not wish to pay. However, what we do know is that sometime during that quarrel, the young man produced a knife and slashed at the throat of the taxi man.  The cab driver then grabbed onto the young man and started beating him. And though bleeding and injured, the cab driver managed to subdue his attacker and hold him until the police arrived. Police then took the young passenger into custody and the cab driver was taken to the hospital. All indications are that despite his injuries, the cab driver will be OK.

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