Night accident on the Hummingbird Highway

vlcsnap-2013-04-19-21h25m26s150There was yet another accident last night. It happened on the Hummingbird Highway just about two miles outside of Belmopan near to the garbage dump.  Apparently, a Green Nissan truck heading towards Belmopan, followed by a white Chevy Silverado with a trailer on it were just about to hit the curve. Witnesses say that the Green truck didn’t hold the curve and swayed into the lane of oncoming traffic. At that time, a Toyota Land cruiser was in that lane and the Green truck collided into the front driver side of the Land cruiser. That caused the land cruiser to slide into the path of the Chevy truck with trailer and the Chevy truck also hit the Land cruiser on its other side, spinning the Land cruiser in the opposite direction. The driver of the Land cruiser told plus news that the police arrived on scene and took the drivers of both the green truck and the Chevy Silverado with them. However, he said that the police did not take any statement from him and he refused to move until a statement was taken from him. He says he had to call the Belmopan police station to ask them to send back officers to take his statement. Officers returned to the scene one hour later. We tried today to get an official police report on the accident but were told that the officer in charge of that report was not available and no one else would be able to assist us.

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