Nine year old Jevan Freeman fights rare disease

vlcsnap-2013-10-16-08h46m45s107Nine year old Jevan Freeman of Belize City needs assistance for what promises to be a long fight against a rare disease. In September the Holy Redeemer Standard Four student was diagnosed with idiopathic thromocytopenic purpura or ITP for short. Behind that mouthful is a painful experience: excessive bleeding from the nostrils and gums, a tendency to bruise easily especially on the legs and arms, and in rare cases, bleeding internally and particularly in the brain. The disease is caused by low platelet count in the blood but does not have a specific cause. We spoke to Jevan’s mother Tiffara Young-Castillo for details on Jevan’s case.

Tiffara Young-Castillo – Mother of Jevan

 vlcsnap-2013-10-16-08h47m12s103“When I first find out, da the 23rd when I care ah.   But when I care ah da the clinic like round dih 17th fuh e ear, deng give ah medication and ting because e tel me that e ears dih hurt ah.   Two days afta, e seh, mommy some stuff deh pah mih hands.   When I look pah e hand, some leave spot like furco dots deh pah e hand.   So, I seh, maybe da dih medication e allergic to.   But I no wah stop it because dehn seh that e suppose fuh tek it till e done because e ears hurt ah bad.   So, I continue give ah, and I see e come more, but some bigger bruises, so I stop it, the 21st I stop give ah, 21st of September, I stop giv ah it.   The all eenah e mouth, like soh lee bruises eenah e mouth and like lee drips of blood dih come outta e mouth.   The Sunday, the 22nd, I still, like you know, dih notice ah ahn lee bit more furco dots dih come pah e skin.   Then Monday when e get up, I hear like e dih mmm pah e bed and my dawtah run come out com tell me, Ma, Jevan wet his bed.   So, I tell ah, watch how I deal with he and I gone eenah dih room.   Da then I see pah dih bed eenah blood, just bleed through e pores, and I rush ah da BFLA, write up wah paper and and we rush ah da emergency, so fahn dih 23rd he was admitted to KHMH”

According to Tiffara Young-Castillo her son needs to be urgently flown out of the country for treatment.

Tiffara Young-Castillo “Dehn seh that dehn can’t treat it here, I have to care him out of the country…because I take him to Cayo for a secondth opinion, and dehn say the samething.   Dehn write wah paper and send me right back to KHMH and dehn tell me that dehn can’t do nothing.   So, I have fuh care he outta the country.” 

Reporter:   “So, at this point you are making an appeal to organizations that maybe can assist you that thus help with this rare disease?”

Tiffara Young-Castillo:   “Yes just want, you kknow, if dehn could please help me because my baby have e dreams ahead of him.   E wah be wa scientist, e wahn go back da school, he is bored right now in the hospital, so I just wah help, so I could get him out of the country, so he could get healed and ting”…

The discovery of ITP has been a nightmare for the family and the child, who has big dreams for when he grows up. If you can help, contact Ms. Castillo at 604-2505.

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