No arrests and No recovery of monies stolen from Quality Poultry truck

Police have not made any arrests in connection with therobbery of the quality poultry truck. We told you the story on Friday as the incident happened just before our news time, but police have since released some more information. On Friday April 17th, Belizean Salesperson of Quality Poultry Products Wilmer Umaña was conducting sales at Mary’s Shop in Salvapan Area, Belmopan when at around 4:50 pm someone stole the Quality Poultry delivery truck, which was parked outside of the store. Inside the truck was $8,679 dollars anvlcsnap-2015-04-21-09h13m17s64 d 50 cents in Belize currency. Reports indicate that Zeta gas company workers were in the area at the time and reportedly saw two men stealing the truck. As a result, the Zeta workers set chase in their own Zeta vehicle. During the chase, reports say that the thieves in the Quality Poultry truck drove into the smaller Zeta Vehicle, trying to knock it off the cemented street in Salva Pan. The truck continued its mad rush through the capital until it came to a stop at the Michael Finnegan Street near the US Embassy Housing area. There witnesses say the men jumped out of the truck and hopped onto a motorcycle parked on the side of the street. Police recovered the truck but have not the recovered the 8 thousand dollars stolen from inside the vehicle. Belmopan Police continue investigations.vlcsnap-2015-04-21-09h13m26s164

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