No arrests in San Pedro arson so far

Last weekend’s San Pedro inferno which left several houses damaged and over 80 persons displaced, was a confirmed case of arson. Today, Inspector Alejandro Cowo told the media that fire officials have confirmed that someone did set the first house on fire in the area. He added that a test is being done in the lab to determine what type of accelerant was used; but as far as arrests, none have been made so far. 

Alejandro Cowo, O.C. of N.C.I.B: Well, that investigation is still underway. Yes, after consulting and speaking with the fire department personnel, they were the one that advised the police that indeed it was a case of arson. The type of incendiary or accelerant or whatsoever that was used, it’s theirs to determine what type it was. That has to be taken to the lab for the laboratory, for the laboratory to determine what was used. But indeed, yes they confirmed that it’s arson. There has been no person detained so far, and there is no suspect at this moment.

Reporter: But the female had not given a name? I heard that she gave a statement to the police.

Alejandro Cowo, O.C. of N.C.I.B: Well, she had given a statement to the police and that is what the police are working with at this moment. Also with the other statements from the other house owners that were affected.

 Police investigation continues.

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