No candidates for VIP in this election?

In more political news, Vision Inspired by the People has not introduced any candidates to run in this upcoming general elections so far. We do know that there has obviously been a parting of ways with VIP by some of its key members who have now amalgamated into the newly formed Belize Progressive Party , but will VIP still have candidates come Nomination Day with the hasty call of elections 16 months early? According to a press release from the third party, they have not yet decided as they see the upcoming general elections as ,

“…an exercise in futility, due to the fact that the use of a corrupt voter’s list will yield a government that lacks credibility.”  download (4)

The release says,

VIP registers deep disgust toward the Barrow administration for eight years of failure to bring the good governance that was promised in 2008.  Specifically, Mr. Barrow’s administration has: 1. Failed to clean Belize’s Voter’s List by denying Belizean the opportunity to re-register ..2.Failed to bring equity and fairness to Belize’s Representation System by refusing to re-division the existing constituencies, hence giving some constituencies more political power than they should….

The release says,

“In announcing this unprecedented early election, the Barrow administration has disrespected the Belizean people, by not bringing to closure the outcome of investigations into the wrongdoings of ministers; and also by denying them the opportunity of time, to understand the issues facing them in the near future.  Belize is in critical debt, not because of the massive amounts of monies borrowed and mostly squandered, but because no strategic investment was put in place to generate the funds necessary to repay the mountain of debt. In the prevailing circumstance, the VIP shall in the next few days engage in consultations with its members announce its decision to the Belizean People.”

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