No case file means no case against two accused murderers

The men accused of the murder of Michael Welch and attempted murder of Kingsley Morrison on March 1, 2015 are free tonight after prosecutors could not produce the case file in the Magistrate’s Court.  Tarique Gillett and Lyson James Cacho spent a year on remand but appearing today before Magistrate Deborah Rogers, they were discharged as they have yet to receive disclosure on the evidence held by police to prove their charges; their case files simply cannot be found. Welch and Morrison, both disc jockeys, were socializing on Periwinkle Street when two armed men rode up on bicycles and opened fire on them. Welch died almost immediately but Morrison survived. Gillett was almost immediately arrested and Cacho was charged four months later.vlcsnap-2016-05-16-15h00m42s071 vlcsnap-2016-05-16-15h00m34s716

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