No confidence vote for PSU President

The Public Service Union might be ready for yet another leader. Last year, past President Eldred Neal was removed from his position after a secret recording of him was leaked in which me made derogatory statements about Garifuna Members of the Public Service. Doreth Obermayer Cayetano was elected in August of last year to fill Neal’s post. Cayetano is now in hot waters after being President for only 9 months. There was a no-confidence vote against Cayetano, at the PSU’s AGM on Saturday May 26. During the meeting, the Resolution Committee chairperson, Jaquiline Williboughy, presented the no-confidence resolution, not only for Cayetano but also for the Second Vice president and the Secretary General. Plus News understands that things got heated at the AGM as Cayetano’s supporters began to make an uproar about the no confidence vote. Nonetheless, there were still some members at the meeting who believed that Cayetano has not been working up to standard in addressing national issues. Plus News Spoke to Cayetano earlier this year, in front of the Prime Minister building, right after her Union Executives met with the Prime Minister. Before the interview, we were made aware of complaints against Cayetano by unsatisfied Union members, which we asked her to address. Here is how she responded at the time. 

Dareth Cayetano, PSU President: If you would be able to direct me as to what are some of these issues, national issues that the members are discontented off then maybe I can assist you in that manner. What I know is one of the issue is the fuel price continuously rising, and it’s one whereby studies needs to be done in order for us to really bring to the table what we believe can be done as it relates to the price of fuel, whether it’s one that we believe should be reduced, or it has its justification as to why the price is what it is.  

In a recent interview with Amandala, Cayetano indicated that there was no basis for the no confidence vote put forward, and neither was there any evidence presented that she was not doing her job. The no confidence vote was deferred to next year’s AGM.

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