No cooperation from witnesses in Dean Nemhard murder

Last night we told you about the death of 22 year old Dean Nemhard who was reportedly shot to the head by an unknown male person while he was socializing on Berry Street on Friday Night. Yesterday, Inspector Alejandro Cowo told the media that police are working to determine if Nemhard was the original target

ASP.  Alejandro Cowo, Head of NCIB: Unfortunately on Friday night, we had the murder of Dean Nembhard. It happened minutes before midnight. This happened whilst he was at Berry Street , not far from a family residence. He was socializing with a group of male persons when someone just appeared from behind a house and fired several shots, where he was injured three times on the body. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead about half an hour later on.

Reporter: Ok now sir, we know that Mr. Nembhard was shot at just two months ago I believe and we know that he has been shot before, I believe in an alleged robbery attempt. Was this inevitable in so far as he was a wanted man in the street in because of gang rivalry.

ASP.  Alejandro Cowo, Head of NCIB: Well, the investigation is pointing out so far that he was not the only person there, so at this moment we cannot say if indeed he was the target or not. But unfortunately he was the one that was shot.

Reporter: He was shot twice to the head sir.

ASP.  Alejandro Cowo, Head of NCIB: Yes, to the face.

Cowo added that there is a possibility that Nemhard was murdered because he moved from one gang in the area and pledged his allegiance to a rival gang. According to Cowo, those who were with Nembhard at the time of the incident are not cooperating with the police.

ASP.  Joseph Myvette, OC of NCIB:  The incidents happened minutes to 12, at the time only his friends that were with him have been spoken to but we have little co-operation from them.

Reporter: Little co-operation.

ASP.  Alejandro Cowo, Head of NCIB: Yes.

Reporter: He was shot several times, two to the head one to the chest I believe. Would you not then believe perhaps he was the target.

ASP.  Alejandro Cowo, Head of NCIB: Well, it’s something that we are looking at.

Reporter: Is one of the possible motives that you are looking at, that may be he was lured to that location.

ASP.  Alejandro Cowo, Head of NCIB: No, that’s an area that he frequents.

Reporter: Have you identified any suspect as yet?

ASP.  Alejandro Cowo, Head of NCIB: We have no suspect at this moment.

 Reporter: Any police camera in that area?

ASP.  Alejandro Cowo, Head of NCIB: There is no camera in that area.

Reporter: Sir, does he have any connection to any of the gangs?

ASP.  Alejandro Cowo, Head of NCIB: Yes, he was part of two of the gangs.

Reporter: Which are known rivals?

ASP.  Alejandro Cowo, Head of NCIB: Yes, they have been rivals for a long time.

 Reporter: And so supposedly, the talking is that he had said that principals in the other gang have marked him for death. Is that why he may have been targeted?

ASP.  Alejandro Cowo, Head of NCIB: I cannot tell you exactly, but we have know that there has been a feud between them from when he left from one gang to another. That’s the obvious reason that we believe why he was murdered.

So far, no suspects have been detained. Police are investigating.

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