No date for Belmopan Market move

The Tuesday / Friday Market Vendors continue to have their stay extended at the Cardinal buffer zone in Belmopan.

We asked Mayor Simeon Lopez if there was any new update as to when the Market Vendors will be relocated to the Civic Center, but he told us there is still no definitive date.


Simeon Lopez – Mayor of Belmopan

vlcsnap-2014-10-16-09h02m22s57“I can’t really tell you a definite date.  I just spoke with an official, this morning, from the Ministry of Economic Development, and they are working on the unofficial handing over, first of the building, and then we get the Parking Lot, because this building is still not handed over to us.  The contractor still has a security in place here.

We hope that in the next few days, I hope we get a call from Economic Development later today or tomorrow, to say ‘We want to hand over the keys to you by this weekend.’  Then our Market Team will kick into this.  We can’t bring them out here if we don’t have the building, because the building has the rest rooms that they would need to use.  So, if we bring them out here, they don’t have facilities, without getting first this building.  That is what we’re waiting for.”

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