No strain between Police and Customs

In recent months, the media has reported on stories of police officers videoed as they packed police mobiles with contraband goods. We also saw footage of a high speed chase where cops were filmed fleeing from customs officers as they tried to smuggle a 40 pound bag of uncustomed clothes. Those videos went viral and according to reports, it placed a strain on the relationship between customs and police.  However, in an interview with the media yesterday, Comptroller of Customs, Collin Griffith refuted those rumors.vlcsnap-00058


Colin Grffith, Comptroller of Customs: I can say that the relationship between customs and police is very good. You do have isolated incidents, but that doesn’t speak to exactly what happens between customs and police. And I would never say that the relationship between customs and police is sour in any way whatsoever. Because of these incidents we have had discussion with the police high command. I can say specifically that our system control in charge of Corozal met with the commander of the Corozal area; but as far as that no sour relationship between custom and police.vlcsnap-00093 vlcsnap-00094 vlcsnap-00095


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