No surprises in Orange Walk

While Belize City may have been a surprise victory, there was no surprise for the Blue party in Orange Walk as the PUP Mayor and his slate of Councilors were re elected. Mayor Kevin Bernard was once again victorious but this time, with a significant lead over his opponent. Bernard’s slate includes Rozel Arana, Ian Cal, Josue Carballo, Ladrick Sheppard, Fernando SAnchex, and Haresh Vaswani.

Kevin Bernard, Mayor of Orange Walk: This election would have been a big beat, a big blow for the UDP. The PUP won massively. That last election we had a lot of factors that affected us in that election. Just before our municipal election in 2015, we had a very divisive Orange Walk east convention and that affected us because it was a month away from our next election. This election we have done a lot of hard work; the council worked, myself, the deputy, my other colleagues; we were all able to do a lot of work for the people and the people saw that we are capable to continue to lead them for another 3 years, and I know that this team which is joined by Harris and Fernando, would have bring a big victory for the people of Orange Walk. I just want to thank everyone that had unity in it. I mean all the old, all the people that were there before ,all the guys that were there before; I mean the representatives came together in Orange Walk East. For example, we were able to see everybody who worked ,and to come together and showed the support for this team and rallied behind us and this team along with the power house Central and even in North we were able to bring a victory in Orange Walk area that we have never won. The boxes in Chapels, so this is a victory for the people and this is a victory for the people’s united party .

Bernard garnered 5,260 votes while his PUP Opponent Phillip de La Fuente received 2,593.

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