Noh Mul investigation should be complete by Friday

Will anyone be charged for Noh Mul and if so when? Those are the questions that were posed to Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie by the media. It’s destruction plastered Belize on international headlines and caused quite the local upset  but eight weeks after it’s desecration, charges have not been laid against contractor Denny Grijalva and his assistants. Whylie says that he has advised his Regional Commander to ensure that the investigator moves vigorously on this case.

Police Commissioner Allen Whylie:
vlcsnap-2013-06-19-18h57m18s79I have directed the regional Commander to ensure that the investigator moves vigorously to complete the directives that the DPP had passed to him, and he should be proceeding by Friday at the latest with that case file, to formally hand over to the Director of Public Prosecutions.  Once she paro0ses it, and she is satisfied that the investigation has been thorough, or have the necessary reasons to lay a charge, I’m certain that she will so direct our officers, and we will comply promptly.

Commissioner Allen Whylie was also asked if Denny Grijalva’s status of being an elected government minister has played any role in the files being collated in order for charges to be levied upon the relevant persons.

Police Commissioner Allen Whylie:
vlcsnap-2013-06-19-18h03m00s19We know that has not factored any at all into our investigation.   You must understand that’s it’s an investigation that required technical skills.  Those skills are given to us through NICH.  It’s an unusual investigation, and you want to be as through and methodical as possible. Consultations were held.  Further directives were given to the investigating officer, and he is proceeding.  You have to understand that investigation is not an overnight process, and you go and you speak to people, and if they want to cooperate they cooperate, and if they don’t want to cooperate then you have to find another way to get at the desired objective. So I am confident that the officer is doing what he needs to do.  I have directed, as I said, the Regional Commander to spur him along, and hopefully I’m confident that by the end of this week that file will be at the DPP’s office.

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