Nomination Day for Municipals in Belize City

Three Mayoral candidates and twenty councilor candidates  were nominated on Wednesday in Belize City.

The People’s United party candidates and about 400 supporters made their way to the nomination center at Charles Bartlett Hyde building  Wednesday morning. Mayoral Candidate Yolanda Schakron and her slate of councillors were nominated for the PUP. In the afternoon it was a sea of red as the United Democratic Party made its way to the nomination center with Prime Minister darrell.feb11.2015vlcsnap-2015-02-12-05h15m00s191Dean Barrow in the lead, along with UDP  incumbent Mayor Darrel Bradley.  Mr Bradley is seeking a second run at the Mayoral office  and expressed confidence in his return to that office.

Belize City also has an independent Mayoral candidate in the person of Ernesto Torres. This is Torres’ second bid for the position of Belize City Mayor as an independent.


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