Nomination day held for Municipal Elections

Nomination day was held today across the various municipalities.  It’s a bit of a political showcase of primarily red and blue shirts as candidates make their way to the nomination centers to register their names to be placed on the ballot tickets. Nomination day for Municipal elections are generally not as large as those for general elections but it is still a festive occasion used as a sort of flexing of muscles for the parties in an effort to convince voters that they have the support and the momentum going into the election.   In the capital city, the first party to make their way to the Belmopan Civic Center was the People’s United Party. Shortly before 10 o’clock this morning, PUP supporters , led by PUP Mayoral candidate Tanya Santos and her 6 councilor candidates, made their way to the nomination station. About 100 persons bravely wore their blue shirts and joined the procession.

PUP Mayoral candidate Tanya Santos

Born in a PUP family I been around the party all my life it’s just recently that I decided it’s time to step up because Belize needs good leadership we need good people with strong character integrity to step and govern our country the way it’s supposed to be that’s why I decided to step up and I’m here today it’s official it just builds the momentum it just builds the excitement for election day and we have a nice crowd here with us a nice crowd of supporters it’s Belmopan not a lot of people usually come out here in Belmopan but, we have a nice crowd and we are really anxious can’t wait till March 7th to make that change. What I hope it means that if I can do it I Tanya Santos all it takes is the will inside and the desire for the betterment of your community and your country to step up and offer yourself you will get the support Belizean people want change Belizean people want honesty they want leadership I hope the women feel encouraged to step up and take their place in governance in this country. Well like I said earlier Belmopan people are tired so we would expect to see a major increase in the amount of PUP supporters that in the past have not yet come out but we have also been reaching out to the UDP’s and quite honestly a lot of them they are not saying anything but they will make a change we even reached out to the voters that were illegally registered in Belmopan who do not live here but they were registered here I don’t know how that happened but it did and many of them are also ready to make that change because they are not  seeing the progress they expected .

Well there is a website but like you said it’s not available that information is not avail


able and if you want to be accountable and transparent that information absolutely have to be there we have not been able to access it and it’s important the community wants to know where they’re monies are going and if they are getting value for money and who are the contractors or the bidding processors and this afternoon you will see in our 100 day contract that we are going to ask for A audit of all of this and to have A commence of the finical audit of the last three years or at least the last three years of the city council so we can report and publish a report to the residence of Belmopan we need to start with that .The voters of Belmopan throughout the city of Belmopan are very intelligent people while the UDP  has a strong hold in Central Belmopan I believe we have been seen from what we have been seeing on the campaign trail and what people have been telling us in Central Belmopan they are ready to make the switch . There is only so much that the Belizean people and the people of Belmopan residence will tolerate you know ,they see corruption and they might not say anything but come election day you will get fired. This team offers what these voters want to see new fresh people with A new vision  A new direction and clean hands wanting to make things better and improve the quality of life that there is in Belmopan .

It’s obvious we need to fix the park one of the first things that we want to do and also we need to give the young people a plan B we need to give them something better than just a football field we need to give them maybe a lobby for ITVET fight for an ITVET for Belmopan not everybody was born to sit in A office or maybe to be a lawyer but we need to give them a plan B give them a trade or maybe something else have a plan B so they can be somebody in life look at orange walk we have a good example  as you graduate from ITVET in Orange Walk and you’re good in plumbing WASA hurry comes and employ you we need something like that in Belmopan to encourage to motivate the young people to be somebody in Belmopan.

This area that we are in right now this market square that has been used as market for so long that has not been be able to be organized properly we need to get with these people all the vendors have a meeting with these people within the first 3 months to see how we can work out something to get this market organized at least if we can’t build a new one right now we need to organize a whole lot better than how it is that is one of the first steps because the traffic over here is just totally totally un called for and definitely to get into the  financing of our city to see where we stand in our books and as far as I know we are running in the red we need to take Belmopan out of the red and put it into the black like where Mayor Chanona left it when he came out in 2006.


I feel very motivated very excited this is the biggest crowd that we have had for nomination in a very very long time I remembered the last couple times we had way less than half of this which means that the people are willing to show themselves and show that they are with the pup they are not afraid anymore and they are totally ready for a change. For them it’s politics as usual and for us we are not promising what we cannot fulfill we are promising to be accessible to the people and we are promising to do things differently in a better way we plan to make things the way it should be and put people first and not money and projects and hustling . We are not into that we have to do different we need to be different  or else three years from now we are going to be in the exact same spot .

I want to tell the people the residents of Belmopan I love them this team loves them we are begging them to please come out on the 7th of March early to support us we are depending on them please do not allow other people from other area to come and make decisions for us let’s put a stop to corruption and let’s end it now.

In the afternoon, the United Democratic Party candidates made their grand entranceThe red crowd was about three times that of the blue crowd that had gone to the nomination center earlier in the day. About 300 UDP supporters flowed into the Civic Center area to show their support for incumbent Mayor Khalid Belisle and his team of councilor candidates. Mayor Belisle was asked if the visible show of support has caused him to contemplate relaxing from the campaigning  a bit.

Mayor Khalid Belisle, UDP candidate

Certainly no relaxing at all we can relax at 6 pm on the 7th of March until the last voter has cast their ballot in terms of strategy we’re just trying to reach as many residents of Belmopan as possible particularly in their homes and neighborhood so we can see for ourselves and hear from them anything that they might have to share with us .Our campaign have been more of a listening tour in terms of getting feedback from residents are the things we’ve done well and the things we haven’t done well the things we haven’t done so well any ideas or suggestions that they might have for us as to how we can better serve them as a council provided that we are privileged to continue leading after election day and it’s just to get our supporters out. The people of this city over the past month and a half have made it absolutely clear to us that they are going to support our team we just need them to turn out at the poles on the 7th we believe that we have a record of excellent work in this city for the past few years to work on and the people of the city is telling us that ,on every street we visit every home we go to they told us mayor that we’ve seen the work  and it’s out there for us all to see .We have no idea where our monies are being spent and we are going to put you back in city hall to continue administrating this city . I make myself available and accessible to the people of the city on a weekly basis Tuesday and Thursday I sit in that office from 8 to 5 to see every soul that wants to see me because when I wanted their support they didn’t hide from me so I refuse to hide from them . We are shifting focus although I’m not saying that we will neglect infrastructure going forward but we will now shift our focus from infrastructure and development roads, drains etc. to social development so we want to invest in our citizens as much as possible  create those areas and those places where they can go and develop themselves and enjoy themselves in a safe environment in a clean environment in a Belmopan that u know is family oriented where families know that in this City I have an opportunity to raise my children and have them become productive citizens of Belize. Well we’re asking the people of Belmopan to once again give us that vote of confidence we have been asking for the past month and a half and they been telling us that they will certainly do so and so we are just asking them to please come out and support our entire sleuth  on the 7th of March we are a team and we go to every house as a team as much as possible and it is because we want to go back to City Hall as a team so we are asking you Belmopan to vote UDP down the line on the 7th of March.

 Following the nomination of candidates for the two mass parties, third party, Belize Progressive Party, made its way with its three candidates vying for election in the Belmopan elections. The BPP does not have a full slate to offer Belmopan residents but that is not taking away from the change that BPP can bring says its Mayoral Candiate Charles Leslie Jr.

 Mayoral Candiate Charles Leslie Jr

We feel excellent, we feel confident and we are definitely looking forward to serving the people of Belmopan. It is very important for the people of Belmopan and for the people of Belize to understand that nobody can promise anything without having a full commitment to good governance and especially transparency if you don’t embrace that you cannot

 do anything I have already proven that in Placencia I have embraced I have worked good governance, I have worked transparency and it worked for the people of Placencia and it will work for the people of Belmopan and it will work for the people of Belize. March 7th is not the end all and begin all for us here at the BPP I am planning to continue working in Belmopan upon whether I’m loosing on March 7th or whether I win I will continue working in Belmopan and growing the BPP because we believe once we continue growing we will be able to change the system in this country the system of government the system of cronyism the system of victimization and especially getting rid of the system of fear ,hate and anger has destroyed the fabric of our society .


Belmopan also has an independent candidate in the person of Richard Smith. Smith has had several unsuccessful attempts at being elected but says he continues to offer himself because Belmopan can be a better city.

Richard Smith, Independent Candidate

Belmopan must attract its people two we have the business food court it’s a disgrace with our food court we have to raise the standards as the capital. Belmopan being the capital should attract information booth ,A welcome center to welcome those who will bring business and commerce to this community  and, so we are no longer a camp out area from re construction to capital city we are calling Belize the old capital it’s time to forget about the old capital and build a healthy capital that everybody can live and survive u don’t have to go live or work elsewhere so I believe my support to any Mayor candidate is to provide a business initiative we have Taco vendor we need to promote self-deficiency stop depending on the politician and become professional successful business man so I’m offering that to the city.

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