North Front Street vendors made to move to Battlefield Park

Nine food stall vendors previously located at the old site of the Paslow Building on North Front Street – colloquially known as “Ground Zero” – were made to move to the Battlefield Park in downtown Belize City over the weekend. One vendor we vlcsnap-2013-02-26-18h55m39s70spoke to, Claudia Scott of Claudia’s Kitchen, says they had to pay their own moving expenses to the area and already her sales have dropped drastically. She and other vendors are complaining that the Belize City Council failed to give them proper notice, but CitCo public relations officer Kenny Morgan has said that their location at the old Paslow site was only temporary – and so is their new location, as they can only stay there for three months. According to Morgan as the Council seeks to transform Belize City with its various projects there are other areas such as the BTL Park which also see vendors relocating. In the case of the Paslow vendors, the Council says Morgan, went “above and beyond” the call and held off requests from the Belize Tourism Board and the owner of the property to relocate the vendors in a shorter time – 5 days. The area is expected to be used for tourism-related activities similar to those at the Tourism Village further down North Front Street.

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