Norwegian Cruise Line Commences Job Recruitment Scheme

NCL 2NCL PhotoAt its launch of the proposed Harvest Caye tourism development earlier this year, executives for Norwegian Cruise Line and the project developer, Hugh Darley, announced an initiative for hundreds of Belizeans to be hired to work on their ships. It seems other cruise companies are following suit, as today PLUS News visited a training course at the Biltmore Plaza for 40 potential employees of Carnival Cruise Line. With more here is Mayor of Dangriga and consultant/coordinator of the Basic Safety Training Course, Gilbert Swazo.

Mr. Gilbert Swazo- Mayor of Dangriga

vlcsnap-2013-11-25-18h37m20s146“People who are graduates from CET, ITVET, if there are electricians; those people who have conducted Hospitality Management training from secondary and tertiary level.   Once they are certified in any of those fields, such as hospitality management, electronics or mechanic per say or even a plumber, the ships require all those various skills that repair and maintain all those systems.   Furthermore, the ship is like a hotel, they will need hospitality service to serve, to do housekeeping among other things, people who are musicians…all those things.   Once you have that skill, and perhaps even better certified in those skills, then through the conduct of the basic safety training course, you will be ellegible to become a sea fairer who can then be hired by one of the Cruise Lines, Norwegian, Carnival or Royal Caribbean”.

According to Swazo, the course is run according to international standards and Belize had to be attached to a crewing agency in El Salvador who certified us to participate.

NCL Photo 3Mr. Gilbert Swazo: “These people will have an opportunity through this same Queen Agency that we are collaborating with to wor with Carnival, Baha Ferre; they can also work through Norwegian through this training”.

Reporter:  “Is the course accredited by international standards?”

Mr. Gilbert Swazo: “Yes, the STSTW- the convention is design to be international under the IMO.   In Belize, the Institute that provides that training must be accredited and approved by INMARBE.   Agua Fraga Nautical is the only company Maritime Training institute at this time which is accredited by INMARBE to conduct this training.



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