Not all Maya communities support the SATIIM

Earlier we told you of the Media trip to Rural Toledo District organized by SATIIM. And while there are many Maya communities that support the efforts of SATIIM, there are also exceptions. During the media’s tour of communities surrounding the Sarstoon Temash National Park, we observed clear problems of division within the communities. At Midway village, Toledo District, the majority appeared to be in support of SATIIM’s fight with the Government. Here is one of the village leaders expressing his concerns in Q’eqchi Maya, with Greg Ch’oc translating in English.

vlcsnap-2013-09-03-10h29m24s204Village Leader:

What do we do?  Do we defend our land or do we accept the kind of development that the Government is providing for us?  Yes the weekly employment brings in an income, but we need to look at the children.  When I plan, I plan for my children.  That is the reason why as an elected leader of your village. I attend all the meetings related to the lawsuit.

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