Nothing New In New Orleans

Deputy Commander Chester Williams was among the number of High Ranking delegates that went to the ‘Cure for Crime’ Workshop in New Orleans two weeks ago. Today, the media asked Williams to briefly share something shared in the workshop that Belize could possibly implement. In response, Williams indicated that there was nothing new taught in New Orleans that Belize is not already doing. He added that crime interventions in Belize do need additional structure.

Chester Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police: What we saw in New Orleans was basically nothing new to us. It is the things that we are already doing in terms of looking at the whole issue of solving, of preventing crime by treating it as what they’ll want to say a disease. Basically what they do is, they have a group of persons who are a NGO, who operates in the New Orleans area, They would normally engage the gang members conducting interventions with them. And let’s say for example a crime is committed, the team will then go meet the suspect and the victim and they would mediate between the groups to prevent any retaliation. And you all have heard me say that many times before, in terms of looking at the suspect and the victim specifics. They also respond to hospitals looking after the victims to ensure that no one goes to the hospital looking for them, trying to come peep at whatever task they may have had. And they have an office at the hospital, so they work out of the hospital as well. And so what I think we need to do whilst we are already doing what they are doing and even more. What we need is a better structure in terms of how we can operate to make ourselves more effective. That is not to say what we are doing currently is not effective because it is effective.

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