NTUCB accuses Kolbe foundation of “astounding atrocities”

vlcsnap-2013-03-15-21h14m54s91The National Trade Union Congress of Belize issued a press release today, warning the Kolbe Foundation to refrain from intimidating and infringing on Kolbe employees constitutional rights to organize and associate. According the press release, there have been a number of terminations and suspensions of Kolbe Foundation employees – quote – “ allegedly due to some suspect management decisions. Management appears to treat employees worse than the prisoners.” –end quote. The release goes on to say that the recent termination of the Casimiro’s from Kolbe is one such situation and so the NTUCB is demand that Kolbe management reinstate the officers immediately and disclose publicly the exact reason why these officers were terminated. The Congress release says they will draw public attention to what they are calling “astounding atrocities happening at the Kolbe Foundation”.

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