NTUCB and BCCI Support the Blue Proposal for a Reformed PAC

Hon. Julius Espat, Chairman PAC 2013Hon. John Saldivar, Pro Tem Chairman 2013Last week, we shared with you the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the National Trade Union Congress of Belize’s joint proposal for the Public Accounts Committee.  Well, today, the People’s United Party have come out to support that proposal. You may recall that the committee had been lying dormant for years, until the Chairman, Hon. Julius Espat lobbied for a new composition which is in his view, a fully working and effective overseeing body.  Well, the composition remains the same, but the meetings got underway shortly afterward.  However, the PUPs representatives have now been boycotting the gatherings and as a subsequent, Hon. John Saldivar has been serving as pro-tem Chair. The PUP have been absent because they are still not satisfied with way forward and are not convinced that the Committee is working to its full potential.   Sharing the same sentiment, the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the National Trade Congress of Belize have since been tabled a proposal of their own, similar to that of the PUP’s and the party says it welcomes that application, stating, “Both the BCCI and NTUCB have demonstrated good faith throughout the discussions on advancing a more effective, functioning PAC.” The PUP says its position is as follows: “We support the proposal for a nine member PAC comprised of four Government members, two opposition members, and three social partner members. The Opposition shall retain Chairmanship of the PAC and Government and Opposition members may appoint alternate members to represent them at meetings of the PAC” The release continues:  “The quorum for all meetings of the PAC shall be five members. We support the proposal for a MINORITY OPINION to form a part of the reports of the PAC when sent back to the House of Representatives.” The party says that while is now calling on the Government to join and support this proposal.

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