NTUCB calls for independent investigation into murder of Pastor Lucas

The National Trade Union Congress of Belize has issued a statement in which it calls for an independent investigation into the murder of Pastor Llewelyn Lucas.  NTUCB says; “The NTUCB has been and continues to be in disgust, by how Pastor Lucas met his demise. NTUCB wishes to state, for the record; that this Congress cannot endorse anything short of having a proper investigation being done into his killing. To this Congress, a proper investigation is translated as having an international investigation done; to ensure that justice is not only seen to be done, but IS DONE! NTUCB demands that this foreign led investigation; be undertaken by way of a government of Belize’s directive and endorsement. The Congress submits that it be initiated at the earliest and that the nation be kept updated as the investigation progresses. The Congress declares “A foreign investigation is a MUST”!!!!”

Pastor Lucas was an active member of the General Council (GC) table, having been representative to the Southern Workers’ Union.  NTUCB says he was a vibrant voice at the GC table and was forefront whenever the Congress took up any issues. The request for an independent investigation into the beheading of the Pastor appears a bit late, since Pastor Lucas was murdered more than a month ago on July 15. Nonetheless, NTUCB made some explanation as to its silence so far saying, “ … that while to date, the Congress has been silent on many issues, which have been plaguing our nation, rest assured that this silence does not mean that the National Trade Union Congress is content with the way these national issues are being managed. This Congress wishes to underscore that despite the NTUCB’s seeming detachment from the national scene, such is the furthest thing from the truth.”  NTUCB says it is working on strengthening its internal operational mechanism, in an effort to position itself as the social partner it is organized to be. NTUCB also indicated in its statement that it will be speaking on other issues affecting Belize sometime in the near future, saying “The Congress is prioritizing how it intends to address the mounting plethora of incidences that continue to damage our national landscape; with a view towards impacting beneficial outcomes, to the citizenry of this country.”

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