NTUCB declares support for Government’s move to recover registries

Last week we aired the Opposition Leader’s response to allegations that he and former Prime Minister Musa signed a secret  agreement to extend Management   Services   Agreement   for   the   International   Business   Companies   Registry and the Shipping Registry for another seven years from 2013 to 2020. In a press release issued today by the Government  Press office, it says that “The    Ministry    of Finance    has    categorically   denied  the   Leader   of   the   Opposition’s statement   that   the   letter   of   24th March,   2005, signed by him and the then Prime Minister, had been vetted by officials of the Ministry of Finance. The release says that Gian Gandhi, who has been legal advisor in the Ministry of Finance for the last 13 years, says that “….at no time was his advice sought on the validity of this letter and that the first time he saw it was last month when it was produced by Belize  International Services Limited in response to a letter from the Financial Secretary.”  Gandhi also says that he has carefully looked through the Cabinet Briefing Notes for the period   1st January   2003   to   31st March   2005,   prepared   by   the   then   Cabinet   Secretary, Robert   Leslie,   and   that   he   found   absolutely   no   mention   of   extension   of  term  of   the Management Services Agreement for the IBC and Shipping Registries. Meanwhile, the National Trade Union Congress of Belize has issued its own statement saying that the organization “…declares its support for the bold but necessary move the Government of Belize has recently undertaken to recover IMMARBE and IBC registries”.  The release says while the NTUCB is concerned about peding litigation, they see the recovery as necessary given that the EU has already blacklisted Belize thus jeapordizing trading and export potential. The release also says that the NTUCB “…calls on the Opposition of Belize to come clean to the Belizean peple and release any and all other secret documents/agreements that may be lurking therein.”

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