NTUCB meets in special General Council

The National Trade Union Congress of Belize, met in a special General Council meeting Wednesday evening to discuss, among other issues, a position on the invitation made to the Congress to become a social accountability partner on the Nationality Scrutinizing Committee. The Congress has decided to “Welcome the opportunity to exercise its platform of participatory democracy and social participation by being on the NSC.” But it’s not a definite yes, as the NTUCB says that its participation will be determined when the Congress has “Full disclosure of the legislation and Terms of Reference that will govern the operations of the NSC.” Areas of concern to the NTUCB include “Who from the NSC will sign to validate nationality documents? Will the quorum for meetings convened of the NSC include at least two social partners? And thirdly “Will the determination of what constitutes approval of nationality be simple majority or must include social partners?” Until such time, says the Congress, its members will remain engaged in the process to monitor and evaluate the evolution of this significant oversight body.

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