NTUCB not ready to throw Senator under the bus

The other major question to be discussed at the General Council meeting of the Union Congress was the actions of Senator Ray Davis in abstaining from the vote during a meeting of the Senate this week. A ‘no’ vote would have caused a tie and forced Senate President Marco Pech to cast a deciding vote, but the abstention meant that the Government Senators’ votes in favour carried the Act. Speaking with reporters on Wednesday night after a formal briefing of the General Council, Davis declined to discuss the reasons for his vote and his motivation, whether personal or from within the Congress.


Hon. Ray Davis, Senator – Senator for Unionsvlcsnap-2015-04-07-12h37m04s164

“There is no personal anything when I go into the Senate. I am there representing trade unionists.”



“So, you took an advised position?”


Hon. Ray Davis, Senator

“That part of it… that’s the area that I think the president is going to be speaking to you all with.”



“Is there disharmoney ranker in that meeting right now? We saw brother Luke leave in a rush and we see you leaving.”


Hon. Ray Davis, Senator

“No. There is no ranker. What happen is that I have done my part, so I have to leave the trade union congress now to have the remainder of their meeting, so that they can do what type of deliberation and extension that’s needed. That’s a different level. I am not a member of…..I am their Senator.”



“A deliberation as to whether you are kept on as their Senator.”


Hon. Ray Davis, Senator

“I don’t know how to explain this to you all. The president is going to come out of the meeting and he is going to be briefing you with everything regarding this. So, you are asking me – you are fishing for an answer that I cannot give.”


According to Congress President Marvin Mora, the unions were lacking key information and did not expressly order Davis to vote yea or nay. However, it was understood from previous presentations that the Congress would not support a bill of the encompassing nature of the Petrocaribe Act, and Mora said that Davis knew of that when he decided to abstain. But the Congress is not yet ready to throw him under the bus; that will be up to the wider membership, some of whom have expressed no confidence in Davis continuing as their representative.


Marvin Mora –  NTUCB Presidentvlcsnap-2015-04-07-12h37m21s72

“What happened in this situation, what is unfortunate; the bill was sprung up upon us. We did not have enough time to give him a clear direction; this is how we want you to vote, we want you to vote no. Of course, he understand in his position back when he madethat presentation, that clearly puts him and the NTUCB against that bill or any bill that favors that one. Brother Ray Davis, in hindsight, could have acted better. If that’s what you want us to say. He could have acted better. But he acted with the information that he had at that point in time when he was there. Now, in regards to what would have happen if he would have violated a clear directive from the NTUCB – that would be a different story.”


 Matura-Shepherd said it was made clear to Davis that he had disappointed the Congress, but that whatever his reasons and motivations were, they would not be made public, and neither would the Congress’ deliberations on his fate.


Audrey Matura-Shepherd –  CWU Presidentvlcsnap-2015-04-07-12h37m42s239

“What you need to understand is that the position of the NTUCB has always been against the bill.  Brother Davis had already expressed that in a previous debate that they had on another issue related to the petro Caribe money. Having taken that position, everyone in the Union knew that was our position. If you wanted us to say we gave him a call and clear cut and told him you have to vote no. That never happened. On hindsight, maybe that’s what he needed. But we don’t spoon feed him. He is a man experienced in the Trade Union business, knows what is the spieit on which the trade union is built. So if that is what we need to do in the future then that’s what we will do.  The position is that we never gave him a direct call and said say yes or no, because it was understudy that it was a no. “

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