NTUCB President hints at possible court action over fired BWS workers

Eight employees of Belize Water Services Limited (BWS) were fired in January and February as fallout from a major scandal. Actually they were told that their positions were redundant, but CEO Alvan Haynes wrote a memo to employees later claiming that the workers failed to cooperate fully with an investigation of massive allegations on three scandal sheets circulated around the utility company. More importantly, two of those fired workers were the vice-president and general secretary of the water workers’ union – and not a peep was heard from the union or the Trade Union Congress, other than to say that the latter had started an investigation. It’s a thorny issue, one that NTUCB President Dylan Reneau was hard-put to discuss on camera. But PLUS News asked the tough question and the NTUCB President briefly hinted at possible court action, but would not say more.

Dylan Reneau – NTUCB President:
vlcsnap-2013-03-26-19h44m26s130I would not comment on that issue.
If you’ve said that we’ve had a meeting, we’ve been having meetings.  I cannot comment on it.  It has legal implementations, because it’s going to court. So I cannot comment on it.

The investigation by the union apparently continues, but all concerned remain tight-lipped.

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