NTUCB says, How dare ASR!?

The National Trade Union Congress of Belize issued a press release tilted “How dare ASR?”

The release says that the National Trade Union Congress of Belize has been observing with keen interest, the various stages of undertakings of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers’ Association (BSCFA), as it negotiates the prospect of payment for bagasse on behalf of its clients.

“The NTUCB congratulates the BSCFA on its stalwart representation for its membership to date, and for staying the course over time. However, the Congress unequivocally denounces the current stand, being taken by American Sugar Refinery (ASR), to seek out individual cane farmers to negotiate with; for purchase of sugar cane. NTUCB, views this move as downright undermining of the bedrock of collective representation/bargaining that the foundation of labour and labourers’ rights is built on. How Dare ASR? The National Trade Union Congress of Belize WILL NOT countenance this!

The Congress further submits that; neither should any right-thinking Belizean who; or institution which; for that matter, wants to ensure that the foundation-tenets; of our democracy, be upheld. If given life, it will entirely change the landscape of private sector; interfacing with

public sector. Furthermore, it is a blatant disrespect by ASR to the duly established agent (BSCFA), of the cane farmers of Belize.

NTUCB herein declares its support for the BSCFA and commits to ensuring that the proper representation/negotiations be restored.”

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