NTUCB voted against Santender loan

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Even before the decision by Santender to withdraw their request for a loan from the Social Security Board, yesterday,  President of the NTUCB Marvin Mora was already signaling in an interview with  our colleagues at Channel 5 that their representatives on the Board had voted against the proposal.  Even after a meeting yesterday with the NTUCB council, the leaders were not seeing the loan favorably. And how does the NTUCB look at loan proposals coming into the social security? What criteria do they use when deciding how their representatives will vote? This was Mora’s response. One criticism levied on the Unions is that many issues exist that have national importance yet the NTUCB is silent on some of these issues while very vocal on others.  President Mora admits that this is so , but says that some issues are easier to explain to membership than others.

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