NTV are at it again! This time to Garbutts Falls

The Northern Territorial Volunteers plan to go on their 7th expedition on Sunday May 17th, this time to the border monument at Garbutt Falls, near Benque Veijo Del Carmen.  During their last expedition to the Gracias Adios Monument, a delegation of Belizeans headed by Geovanni De La Fuenta was captured by Guatemalan armed forces and taken to the other side of the border after they accidentally drifted off into Guatemalan waters. It has been 2 months since then and the Northern Territorial Volunteers are back at it again,  not swayed by the unfortunate incidence. Geovanni De La Fuenta was on this morning’s rise and shine show accompanied by two other members of the Northern Territorial Volunteers to talk about Sunday’s expedition.

Geovanni De La Fuente – Northern Territorial Volunteersvlcsnap-2015-05-14-13h43m01s187

“Bring your flag. We will be having a small ceremony at the monument. Now I have to report that this monument has plaques on it. Guetamala and of course British Honduras. We will not be  installing any plaques in this monument. The monument  is leaning at a precarious angle , like it wants to fall in the river, and its three feet behind the OAS building. If you remember the adjacency   zone agreements, the OAS, the Government of Belize and the Government of Guatemala are responsible for taking care of these monuments.  this monument will soon fall into the river. It hasn’t been painted for fifty years or so. Our intention is to get to the site, do a cleanup  of the area. we will paint the monument and then we will have a ceremony.”


vlcsnap-2015-05-14-13h56m57s104Felicita Cantun – Northern Territorial Volunteers

“I come and speak more to the teachers, because I am a retired teacher, to the women, I am a woman and to the students because they are the future. I want to tell them that they need to become more aggressive in learning our history.


David Espadas – Northern Territorial Volunteersvlcsnap-2015-05-14-13h57m07s244

“I want to invite the public at large to come. We are not picking or pinpointing individuals. We are saying,’ Belize, this territory is yours.’ It is ours. come, join us. It is a spiritual feeling when you get to these monuments. It is something where you get a lump in your throat when singing the National Anthem or reciting the National Prayer. It is something special, come and feel it.”



The Northern Territorial Volunteers have done 6 expeditions to the different border monuments, but some people, like Geovanni De La Fuente, have visited the border many more times, while for others it will be the first time


Geovanni De La Fuentevlcsnap-2015-05-14-13h56m30s124

“When we visit monuments, we would correspond with the Government authorities and we have never received a response.  Let me report to you that since yesterday, and this group in Orange Walk have been anxiously awaiting a response from the government , since yesterday, we have been called by none less than the Commander of the BDF. Derectly after this show, we will be escorted by the BDF to the Garbutt Falls Monument. There we will be given an orientation of the area so we can se where the river is, where the boarder ends, the monument. For us, this is a big A+.”


The Northern Territorial Volunteers is calling out on the Mayor of San Ignacio/Santa Elena and the Mayor of Benque Viejo Del Carmen to join them on Sunday’s expedition. Plus News understands that the group is taking three bus loads of people to the expedition and more are expected to go in their private vehicles.

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