Nude body found in canefield

vlcsnap-2013-03-26-20h03m32s218Israel Matu is the nation’s latest murder victim. His body was found in a canefield on Sunday afternoon showing beating injuries. Reports are that the 37 year old resident of Patchakan Village left home at 1:00 on Friday afternoon and did not return home. On Sunday after 3:00pm, he was in a canefield in the Chan Chen Village. Matu was found nude and had a swollen left eye and a cut wound to the right ear. We spoke with his family members yesterday who believe that their loved one was murdered, and possibly for his money. Father Leopoldo Matu describes how he saw the body after it was found.

Leopoldo Matu – Father of Deceased:
vlcsnap-2013-03-26-20h08m54s138I find him dead, without clothes, and his head bust up.  But when I find it I feel something like cold. My hair stand up.  I get a lee fraid.  I tell me wife, don’t go see it because he’s without clothes.  I tek out me shorts and I cover him, and I tell me daughter call the Police.  Because the Police tell me, you see something or hear something, call for us.

Matu also discusses his suspicions about the murder.

Leopoldo Matu – Father of Deceased:
I ask the white man.  He tell us this morning that he paid the man $500.  And them boys see that he got money, and they waiting at the vilage.
They see the man got money, and because of that money I think they hit him.

Police say Matu was last seen socializing at a bar in the village sometime late Sunday night.

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